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Wheelbase: the design characteristic that might hurt Mercedes in Monaco There’s been little to separate Mercedes and Ferrari this year, despite the fact that both teams have adopted very different car design philosophies. But will one of those core differences - the distance between the front and rear wheels - give the Prancing Horse the upper hand in Monaco? Every Formula One season produces its technical hot topic. It doesn’t have to be a new development (though it frequently is) – it can be merely something that one car diffuser competitive team has, and another does not. From the F-Duct to FRIC by way of a blown diffuser, this one design detail becomes emblematic of the bigger technical battle for on-track dominance raging non-stop behind the scenes. This year’s popular differentiator isn’t quite so complex as those that have gone before: some cars are simply longer than others. While the dimensions of a car in front of the front axle and behind the rear axle are largely constrained through the technical regulations, the distance between the two axles – the car's wheelbase – is one of very few external dimensions on a Formula One car not specified in the regs: it can be as long or as short as a team desires, with that decision resting on a number of engineering compromises. There are pros and cons with both long and short cars – though general consensus is that a short wheelbase may be advantageous on the tighter circuits whereas a longer car could be useful on the faster tracks that come later in the year. Monaco is the first circuit where it’s really likely to matter: will Ferrari, by virtue of having a shorter wheelbase, have an advantage – however small – over Mercedes on the cramped streets of the Principality? Mercedes' 2017 machine (top) has a wheelbase that's 166mm longer than that of rivals Ferrari. It may not sound like much, but in the tightest of title races, the smallest differences can have a big impact.

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car diffuser

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